Management Systems

Medcem Madencilik conducts every phase of its activities under the concept of sustainability.

As Medcem Madencilik, we undertake to

Implement the Environmental Management System effectively and ensure continuous improvement,

Ensure that our employees, suppliers and customers are aware of and participate in our environmental management system,

Use energy and natural resources efficiently,

Reduce our waste at its source and reduce pollution, ensure the safe recovery or disposal of waste

Establish eco-friendly systems by using the most developed technologies in planned investments,

Follow and implement national and international legislation.

By establishing permanent advantages in the sector, it is the basic principle of our company to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

While realizing this principle, our company undertakes to.

  • Produce quality and reliable products in compliance with the legislation requirements for products

  • Use energy efficiently,

  • Increase the quality awareness of our employees,

  • Ensure continuous improvement,

In our global business area, we are on the way to becoming a family with our employees with the aim of being different in the work we do where we accept the employees as the most valuable resource, by giving priority to the motivation of employees and their commitment to the company, to ensure continuity of employee training and development, and to raise productivity to the highest level and to create qualified labor force.