Product Technology
There are 2 crushers in our factory. Crushers are hammer crusher type (TKF TITAN 80D160) and can crush raw materials in the size of 1000 * 1000 * 1500 mm, with 0-100 mm sieve aperture and 1,600 ton/hour capacity.

When the raw materials with different grain sizes and different chemical properties are fed to the crusher feed bunkers, they become a homogeneous mixture during the crushing process and they are ready for milling process by being reduced to the sizes that can be transported and mixed in the conveyors with rubber belts.

In order to eliminate fluctuation in quality values in clinker production and to obtain quality products, it is very important that the raw material quality is good and the raw material composition is not variable. The target parameters are continuously monitored with the help of the on-line analyzers on the rubber belt in the crusher unit and the raw mill unit.

Raw materials crushed in this context are fed to pre-homogenized stockyards for avoiding different structures. There are 2 units of 50.000 ton capacity circular stock hall (BEDESCHI-preblending) and 1 unit of 40.000 ton capacity (BEDESCHI) linear stock hall in our facility with a guaranteed standard deviation of 10:1 as the pre-homogenized stockyard.

Raw materials that have completed pre-homogenization should be milled before being subjected to the firing process. The aim of the milling is to turn the raw material mixture into powder called raw meal, thereby increasing the contact surface of the particles and thus the chemical reaction surface area.

Milling and drying processes are carried out using 2 vertical roller mills (Loesche LM 56.6) each with a milling capacity of 420 ton/hour.

The milled raw meal is stocked in 2 units of 20.000 ton capacity, raw meal homogenized silos (CLADIUS PETERS), and the reduction of the percentage of chemical change of the raw meal before firing to a minimum is achieved with a 10: 1 guaranteed value according to the standard deviation.

Raw meal, taken from homogenized raw meal silos, is sintered/clinkered on an average Ф6m x 90m rotary kiln with a 11.500 ton/day clinker production capacity with a 5-stage parallel 2-row preheater system (PolysiusDopol 90) and a parallel cyclone outlet calcination system (PolysiusPrepol As-MSC) embedded in the main body.

The clinker cooled by using a two layer, asynchronous rail system clinker cooler (Polysius - Polytrack) is stored in 2 closed clinker silos with a capacity of 100,000 tons.

The coal, which is fed from 25.000 ton capacity closed coal stock hall, is milled to the desired target size by using vertical roller mill (LM 41.4 D) with a capacity of 75 ton/hour and used in the process of calcination and clinkering in the main burner and calciner.

Intermediate clinker can be sold with 4 units of 250 ton clinker/hour capacity (AUMUND) sales filling bellows or it is shipped to the mills for the purpose of producing cement.

With 3 vertical roller crushing mills (LOESCHE 56 3 + 3) with 210 ton cement/hour milling capacity, it is shipped according to the type to 2 units of silos with 4 compartments each with 30000 ton cement stocking capacity (CLADIUS PETERS).

Stocked cement is sold in 3 main titles. Firstly, it can be shipped to the cement railers in a closed manner with 200 tons of cement/hour by means of 8 filling bellows per hour. Secondly, it is loaded on four (FLS VENTOMATIC) rotary truck scales with a capacity of 240 bags per hour and from here, it can be loaded either manually or automatically (FLS CARICAMAT-PALLETIZER POLIMAT EVO 25) with loading platforms to the trucks as sling, sling-bag or bag. Thirdly, it can be shipped with (ALİ CEYLAN) 3 units of rotating type big-bag filling truck scales that have a capacity of 40 pieces of 1500 kg big-bag loading capacity per hour.

The automatic slingbag operation takes place in the Palletizer. There are 2 palletizer lines with a capacity of 120 tons per hour. Palletizer products, which are defined as StretchHood products, are pallets protected on four sides by stretch which can vary in thickness between 120-200 micron against external factors.