Quality Control Processes
MEDCEM Cement Factory sees the production and marketing of its products in accordance with national and international standards, with the focus on customer satisfaction, as being the first priority, and shapes and manages the quality control processes with this consciousness.

The management of quality control processes is carried out in 6 laboratories. These are Robolab, Manual Sample Preparation Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, Concrete/Mortar Laboratory and Fuel Laboratory. In addition, four Sodern® branded on-line analyzers are the most important actors in the Quality Control process, providing control over the crushed raw material and the chemical composition of the milled raw mixture by analyzing at two minute intervals.

The heart of the quality control processes is the automated sampling and preparation systems designed and manufactured by Danish company FLSmidth®. Until the final product, cement produced beginning from the raw material preparation process, is sampling is performed with this system in all processes, the control of the system is performed with QCX, the software of FLSmidth®.

In Robolab, the devices, manufactured by the company FLSmidth®, used for chemical and physical analysis of samples prepared by robots without human intervention have been supplied by leading companies in the world. These are:

- Claisse®

Mechanical tests of semifinished clinker and final product cement are carried out in Concrete/Mortar laboratory. In this laboratory, tests can be carried out according to EN 197-1 and ASTM C150 standards.